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The Ultimate Foldable fightstick!

Introducing the HING3DBOX the only foldable arcade controller. Unleash portability without compromise, perfect for players on the Go!


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Foldable Functionality


The HING3DBOX is engineered and handmade a with hinge mechanism and an integrated handle, all aimed to improve transportation and storage.

Effortlessly shift between gameplay and transport modes, ensuring a seamless transition. In gameplay mode, the handle discreetly vanishes, elegantly nestled between the two halves of the box.

Magnetic securing.


Experience enhanced convenience with the HING3DBOX's magnetic fold lock system, designed to keep the box securely folded during transportation.


The strategically integrated magnets ensure a reliable and sturdy hold, allowing you to transport your HING3DBOX with confidence and ease.

Player Identification LEDs


Equipped with the intelligent integration of individual player LEDs. These discreet yet functional LEDs provide a seamless way to determine your position during gameplay. By assigning each player a distinct LED indicator, you'll be able to effortlessly identify yourself and others, eliminating any confusion.


Sanwa Buttons


Experience gaming at its finest with the inclusion of high-performance Sanwa buttons in the HING3DBOX. Renowned for their exceptional responsiveness and durability, these buttons provide an unparalleled level of precision and tactile feedback.


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